Under 18 – city refunds

Working and under 18 years old? Make sure you are filing for ALL of your refunds. Sure, you probably know you can claim Federal and Ohio refunds. Did you know about your city tax refund? In Ohio, most* individuals under 18 are exempt from city tax. Often, employers withhold city tax for these teenagers who are exempt. What does this mean?

That means you may due a refund. A teenager who earned $3,000 would have a city tax refund of approximately $60. But you have to ask for it. 

You have to file a tax return for each city you worked in. Most of our nearby cities (e.g., Willowick, Eastlake, Wickliffe, Mentor, Willoughby, etc) are part of RITA , so one Form 10A will do. Fill it out, attach the W2s and proof of your birth date, and file it. Other cities, for example Cleveland, are part of CCA, which is a different form. And even other cities administer their own taxes, so you would file directly with them.  If you are having trouble, we are happy to help. Our fee for filing just the city tax return is $35.

*While most Ohio cities exempt individuals under 18 years old, there are some, like Painesville, where the age is 16. Sorry, Painesville teenagers, you have to pay.