We specialize in federal, state, and local income tax preparation. Our clients are primarily individuals, families and small businesses (including Limited Liability Companies (LLC), S Corporations, and partnerships) as well as  trusts and estates.  We can also help with letters you may receive from the IRS or other taxing agency.

We offer the following options to get your tax information to us. Choose the method you like best.


A face to face meeting where our tax preparer typically completes your returns during the appointment (if all information is available), usually within an hour.


Stop in with your W2s, other tax documents, and your completed What to Bring 2017 and What to Bring business TY 2017   if necessary.  We will call you when your returns are ready. The turn-around time for drop-offs is typically between 2 – 10 days.


Mail, fax or email us your tax documents and the What to Bring 2017 and What to Bring business TY 2017 if necessary.  We will call you when your taxes are completed. You can pick them up in person or we can mail your returns to you ($10 shipping fee) once we have received your payment.